Announcement On The Mandatory Healty Insurance For The Foreigners Who Will Apply For Short-term Visa To Turkey

Prag Büyükelçiliği 27.12.2016

According to the Article 15 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, No. 6458, it is compulsory for the foreigners, who will apply for short term visa to Turkey, to have a valid health insurance for the duration of their travel.

The mandatory insurance must include;

-- medical treatment guarantee for sudden sickness (minimum guarantee limit of 30.000 Euro)

-- travel or transfer of the insured to the closest medical facility where treatment can be provided,

-- transfer of the insured to his/her residence following the discharge from the medical facility,

-- transfer of the body of the deceased insured.

The visa fee must be paid in advance during the application. In case the visa is not granted, the visa fee will not be refunded.


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