Remarks by Ambassador H.E. Mr. Ahmet Necati Bigalı on the occasion of 92nd Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Turkey

Ahmet Necati Bigalı 29.10.2015

His Excellency Mr. Jan Hamacek, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,

Her Excellency Mrs. Michaela Marksova, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs,

His Excellency Mr. Jan Mladek. Minister of Industry and Trade,

Members of Parliament,


Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour and privilege to welcome you all to this reception held on the occasion of the 92nd Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.

Allow me to express my deepest gratitude and highest appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Jan Hamacek, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Her Excellency Mrs. Michaela Marksova, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, and His Excellency Mr. Jan Mladek for honouring us with their presence.

The Republic of Turkey which has been founded on 29 October 1923, with its democratic and secular structure, has made great strides for being a modern state. As the G-20 President, Turkey’s biggest project is becoming a full member of the European Union. We consider this as a part of Turkey’s historical path towards further modernization and transformation. Despite all hindrances on our way, we are not yielding from our strategic objective. We believe that Turkey’s place is in the European Union. I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the Czech Republic’s staunch and unwavering support for Turkey’s European Union membership.

Ever since the establishment of our diplomatic relations in 1924, our relationship with the Czech Republic, an ally within NATO, our partner in the EU and

numerous other European institutions and which we share universal values with, has always been friendly. The Czech Republic as a member of the European family, and Turkey as a major player in its region both strive for peace, prosperity and well-being at the regional and global scale.

We enjoy excellent political relations with the Czech Republic and believe that high level visits are an important tool for further enhancing our relations. Following our early parliamentary elections this Sunday, 1st of November, we expect to continue mutual high level visits between our two countries and hope that our bilateral relations in many fields will gain new momentum with the new Turkish government.

We, in Turkey, count the Czech Republic among our true friends being a sound and fair partner and ally.

Bilateral economic and trade relations between our countries follow the positive trend and promise a bright future with great potential. Mutual investments are flourishing and we are pleased with the continued interest of increasing number of Czech firms in Turkey.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to reiterate that Turkey has the political will and determination to further enhance dialogue and cooperation with the Czech Republic in every possible field and that we are ready to take the necessary steps to this end.

Once again thank you all very much for your participation tonight. We are deeply honoured by your presence, and feel very privileged to count you among our friends.

Thank you.

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