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Türkiye Scholarships , 14.05.2013

“Türkiye Scholarships” / Applications for Undergraduate Scholarships


Turkey is allocating scholarships for international students from all around the world, including the Czech Republic, for the academic year 2013-2014 in the framework of the program titled “Türkiye Scholarships”.


Applications for the undergraduate scholarships will be accepted between 6 May and 6 June 2013.


Information about the application conditions, evaluation process and selection criteria are available on the website “www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr”.




“Türkiye Scholarships” / Applications for Turkish Language Summer School


Turkish Language Summer School will be conducted between 1 July and 25 August 2013 in different cities of Turkey.


The applications will be accepted between 3 May and 23 May 2013.


The detailed information on the application conditions and procedures can be found at www.turkceyazokulu.org or www.turkiyebursları.gov.tr.